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The Rooftop BBQ

The Rooftop BBQ - Craft Beer & Barbecue

The Vietnam based Japanese company, Dinelike Vietnam brings in town an original concept inspired by the tireless Saigonese life, named The Rooftop BBQ.

This American style barbecue restaurant, located in the business center of the city, at the 2rd floor of M Plaza, let the nature takes over the glass and steel buildings to create in its heart a lush garden where the tastes of holiday and summer never end. The open space spot offers an endless outlook, disclosing the bright and vibrant tone of the city, so why driving away downtown for an evening drink when we can get such environment.

We wants to greet weekend feelings on week days, cheer celebration joy on working days, embrace dreams to escape daily routines just around the corner your office. Great food and great beer are the best allies to spend convivial moments, we privilege outstanding imported meats and offer you the best taste every day. And because Saigon gives amazing products, we selected a large choice of local craft breweries, gathering all beer lovers and the ones to be, without any exception.

We believe that enjoying and sharing time with family and friends go through a warm and peaceful environment, we imagine a casual and unique place dedicated to all, a mellow mood garden packed with laughs and joy. 



Người liên hệ: Ms Vy
Địa chỉ : [Hồ Chí Minh, District 1-Ho Chi Minh City, Việt Nam]

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