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Vietnamese Cuisine Head Chef – Spice Viet Restaurant Chain

Số lượng tuyển dụng: 1
Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 18-02-2019

- Lương thỏa thuận 50,000,000

Làm theo ca (8 giờ/ngày)

Hồ Chí Minh, Hội An-Quảng Nam
Phúc lợi dành cho bạn


  • A competitive salary package with performance pay and annual bonus.
  • Health Care and Personal Accident Insurance 24/24.
  • 16 days annual leave, 10 days sick leave. 
  • Working hours: as per duty roster.
  • Training courses with great career development opportunities.
  • Social club with monthly in/out of office activities.
  • Annual staff party and companywide team building days. 
  • Summer vacation within Vietnam and Asian countries.
Mô tả công việc
  • Direct all culinary and associated activities throughout the restaurants from pre-opening to operation.
  • Create and manage Vietnamese menu development and presentation, strives to exceed guest expectation and take the culinary team.
  • Responsible for all galley employees, food planning, purchasing, inventory management, quality control, hygiene/safety standards, delivery of diverse cuisines and optimum gastronomic experience of guests. 

  • Plan and manage the procurement, preservation, production, preparation of all food at the restaurant in a safe, sanitary and cost effective manner.
  • Monitor and control the maintenance/sanitation of kitchen, equipment and related areas to ensure a heathy and safe working environment which meets/exceeds standards and regulations of the restaurant and government hygiene departments of the provinces of operation.
  • Forecast and manage menu requirements, consumption and inventory.
  • Review all financial transactions and monitor budgets to ensure efficient operations, inventory levels and costs are managed within pre-set expenditure limits.
  • Manage financial performance of food production areas, including the successful identification of expense reduction through cost control, proper forecasting and best practices maintaining quality and standards.
  • Ensure culinary teams are trained and familiar with the public health/sanitation regulations and requirements and that all meet/exceed required standards.
  • Ensure culinary teams meet the restaurant standards and regulations on personal appearance/hygiene and uniforms.
  • Supervises all food service functions in public areas on the dining room/restaurant.
  • Enhances customer relations through appearances in all food outlets/public areas; conducting informative and engaging culinary demonstrations as directed; producing in-depth information about the product/preparation; and ensuring menu options are available for passengers with special dietary requirements.
  • Develop culinary teams through on-the training, coaching and mentoring to increase their skills, capability, performance and contribution.

  • Ho Chi Minh City and/or Hoi An Town based.
  • Business travelling when required.
Yêu cầu công việc
Giới tính: Không yêu cầu
Độ tuổi: 30 tuổi - 50 tuổi
chuyên ngành: Đầu bếp Việt, Đầu bếp Âu - Á, Bếp trưởng
Kinh nghiệm tối thiểu: Từ 05 - 10 năm
Cấp bậc: Quản lý
Yêu cầu công việc: JOB REQUIREMENTS
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited culinary or hospitality school.
  • A minimum of 4 to 5 years as Chef for a multi-outlet, upscale restaurant, hotel, resort, convention or banqueting service.
  • Specialist knowledge and experienced in Vietnamese cuisine cooking, from the North to the South.
  • Experienced in financial management.
  • Passionate about food and driven to the highest levels of culinary standards.
  • A continued desire to develop professionally and keep up-to-date with current food trends.
  • Ability to communicate fluently in Vietnamese and English. 
  • Strong attention to detail and strong customer service focus.
  • Excellent organizational and delegation skills.
  • Ability to handle guest interactions with good grace and diplomacy.
  • Collaborative style.  Building effective relationships across departments.
Yêu Cầu Bằng Cấp:
Yêu cầu hồ sơ:

Should you are interested in this vacant position, please send your CV to email:


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